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Technical service

Our R+D+i department makes us specialist in new products design to give an effective response to the challenges of the modern agriculture. Our team of specialist combines the knowledge from a traditionally agricultural country with the latest researches in agronomy. This guarantees the success of our composition.

We scale our compositions to the requirements of the industrial process in a simple and optimal way. As a result, we obtain a huge range of very competitive organic and «Zero residue» products. Security period after its application is not necessary.

Exclusivity partnerships by geographic zones are developed to commercialise our solutions in the national and international markets. Competitive strategy is drawn to reach the market, working as a team with our partners, to get a beneficial growth for both.

We advice our partners and their technical teams. We inform about product composition: active compound, vegetal asimilation and its effect on the plant. We solve questions related to agronomic management: doses, application timing and other inputs compability.