Biological products improving your crop’s physiological processes. It strengths the plant and it helps its recovery against stress. Biostimulants streamline nutrient’s transport (absorption; translocation and it also takes part improving metabolic processes as respiration, photosynthesis, proteins synthesis, tissues diferentiation…



Products correcting usual deficiencies in your crops (iron chlorosis, calcium deficiency etc…). It complete basic nutrition of primary components (NPK) giving to your crop an extra income of the required mineral elements.



Organic products to condition soil; guarantee soil sustainability – avoid exhausted soils- and improve soil´s characteristics: physical features ( porosity, aeration, drainage ); chemical features (cationic exchange capability, salinity, pH) and microbiological features (incoming, activating and multiplying beneficial microorganisms living in the Rizosphere).

Soil ammendments are important to guarantee seed settlement and germination.



Products to prevent your crop from external factors’ agressions. Phytostrenghtners favors plant self-defense mechanisms and it activate in the plant enzimatic reactions that produce specific compounds which counteract damages produced by mentioned factors.

Phytostrenghtners are natural origin products composed by environmental friendly ingredients 100% biodegradables.



Products not classified in previous groups because of its diverse utility. Those products are complementing agronomic management of your crops: adjuvants etc….